1. “How Do I Deal” – Jennifer Love Hewitt

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Yes, it’s true, JLH was also a singer/songwriter back when she was a teen star with lots of potential. Unfortunately, it just never happened for her; none of her four studio albums saw much success at all in North America. “How Do I Deal”, from the I Still Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack, is an epic pop rock tune with an AMAZING guitar solo that perfectly captures young adult life. It also happens to be her best-selling release as a recording artist, and rightfully so.

2. “Over” – Lindsay Lohan

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
You might hear some people try to tell you that “Rumors” is the best Lindsay Lohan song, but I’m here to set the record straight and tell you that “Over” is most definitely Lohan’s superior song. What does it sound like, you ask? If there ever was an embodiment of the sound of 2004 teen pop rock, this is it. Sorry, Hilary Duff. Maybe this is really why Lindsay and Hilary hated each other so much back in the 2000s.

3. “High Maintenance” – Miranda Cosgrove feat. Rivers Cuomo

(Photo Credit: iTunes)
Miranda Cosgrove was never that great of a vocalist and she did just get a recording contract by singing a few breezy, forgettable tunes on the iCarly soundtrack in 2008, but most of her singles were decent bops that never got the justice they deserved. “High Maintenance”, the second track from her 2011 extended play of the same name, is an awesome pop rock collaboration that was ROBBED of mainstream success, or release as a single. High Maintenance (the EP) is also a solid record and showed some growth for Cosgrove as a recording artist, but it proved to be her last release in the music industry. Sad!

4. “Thinking of You” – Kesha

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
I live for Kesha slut-shaming guys in her songs, and this is probably my all-time favorite song of hers. Should have damn well been a single from her criminally underrated second studio album, Warrior (which I talk more about here), but as per usual, the world just can’t appreciate good electropop.

5. “Cruel” – The Veronicas

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Iconic bop from The Veronicas’ last self-titled album from 2014. The music video is also amazing.

6. “Sorry” – Naya Rivera feat. Big Sean

(Photo Credit: iTunes)
Did you know that Naya Rivera (a.k.a. Santana Lopez, the best character on Glee) had one lone single as a recording artist with Columbia Records in 2013? It sounds like 90s hip-hop meets present-day R&B and yet the song is virtually unknown and, as a result of its poor chart performance, Rivera and Columbia parted ways soon after its release. An actual travesty.

7. “Something That We’re Not” – Demi Lovato

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Underrated bop from Demi Lovato’s eponymous fourth studio album, Demi (2013).

8. “Feel Like Dancin’” – RuPaul feat. La Toya Jackson

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RuPaul makes a great deal of genuinely amazing dance-pop tracks that sound like 70s disco meets present-day pop but it seems the world is scared by an extremely versatile drag queen singer/songwriter who is comfortable being referred to by both gender pronouns. I’d like to live in a world that appreciates and loves RuPaul for everything he does and represents.

9. “Burning Up” – Britney Spears

(Photo Credit: Tumblr)
I’m willing to bet that you don’t know this song because, technically, it was never released. Over the years, several tracks that Britney recorded that never made it onto her assorted albums have been leaked and brought to justice by people on YouTube. Among several that deserved to be heard and appreciated by the world (“Dramatic”, “Dangerous” or “Kiss You All Over”, anyone?) I think “Burning Up” is my favorite. It was supposedly recorded for the Femme Fatale era (AND was written by Madonna), which happens to be my favorite Britney album. Say what you will about her supposedly heavily processed vocals, but she’s always been able to produce bops that make other artists jealous.

10. “Fragile” – Prince Fox feat. Hailee Steinfeld

(Photo Credit: Billboard)
I’d like everyone to please join me as we hit the streets in a march I’d like to call the Justice for Hailee Steinfeld Parade. Just listen to this collaboration she did last year. Your ears will thank me.

11. “Sparks” – Hilary Duff

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The lead single from Duff’s last album that unfortunately did not reach number one on the charts like it could have, everyone I’ve played this song for has loved it wholeheartedly. Could actually become the new national anthem, TBH.

12. “More Than Friends” – Victoria Duffield

(Photo Credit: iTunes)
I will never understand how this single never launched Duffield into worldwide success as the latest pop phenomenon. It’s actually excellent, in every sense of the word.

13. “Popular Song” – MIKA feat. Ariana Grande

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Underrated bop that has a great message about what it means to be popular, in every sense, especially in the music industry.

14. “In My Blood” – The Veronicas

(Photo Credit: iTunes)
I don’t understand how we’re forced to listen to Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj flops on the radio all the time yet never once have we stumbled onto “In My Blood.” Someone needs to re-launch The Veronicas into the rest of the world outside of their native Australia before I lose my cool.

15. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” – Nicole Scherzinger

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I feel like way too many delays and disputes behind the scenes is what has stopped Nicole Scherzinger from truly *happening* as a solo artist. She’s a great vocalist and is pretty much singlehandedly responsible for all the success the Pussycat Dolls saw. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” = underrated single.

16. “Overdose” – Alessia Cara

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I think “Overdose” is my favorite song from her debut album (aside from “Scars to Your Beautiful”, obviously). I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Alessia Cara.

17. “Long Live Rock and Roll” – Daughtry

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Yes, the rumors are true: I don’t only listen to pop music. I do enjoy my fair share of alternative rock, and Daughtry have always been one of my favorites. They have been a little inconsistent since the days of their first two albums, but their last album, Baptized (2013), was solid, and “Long Live Rock and Roll” should have been a single. Would have seen some decent success.

18. “Run to You” – Lea Michele

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As much as she is talented, it seems Lea Michele’s record label is hell bent on turning her into the next Celine Dion who sings only soft, slow, soul songs. Her debut album from 2014 was an unfortunate flop and I was hoping for something fresh and new from her latest album that came out earlier this year, Places, but looks like we’re sticking to the same songs that literally all sound the same. I will, however, recommend “Run to You”, which is a good song. If you’re going to listen to Lea Michele whose music all sounds the exact same, listen to “Run to You.”

19. “Robot” – Miley Cyrus

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It’s a true mystery to me that music critics shat so deeply on Miley’s third studio album, Can’t Be Tamed, which actually could have been the start of something great if she had stuck with it. They said the album lacked focus, failed to truly establish her maturing image, and that Cyrus’ auto-tuned vocals made it difficult for the songs on the album to establish any emotional depth. I think the album had perfect focus and her vocals were truly not that bad, especially considering the album had some electropop elements. In any event, “Robot” is definitely a highlight from the album and is very ironic if you listen to the lyrics—it’s essentially Miley’s version of Britney Spears’ “Overprotected,” which is interesting considering most critics found the album to be impersonal and without any emotional depth. A mere three years later, Miley had lost her signature brunette hairstyle for a short blonde pixie cut, invented a crude dance move for attention and was licking sledgehammers in music videos, which critics seemed to enjoy more. OKAY THEN.

20. “(What Is) Love?” – Jennifer Lopez

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Most definitely my all-time favorite J.Lo song. Merely a promotional single from her 2011 album Love? that made a minor appearance in her 2010 rom-com The Back-Up Plan, everyone who I play this song for falls in love with it.