You know those songs that are just so catchy that they will always be good songs, whether in 2007 or today? I’m not talking about those songs that you loved in 2007 and now you laugh when you hear them. I’m talking about the songs that you hear and think DAMN, I should be listening to this all the time because they will always be good. And so should the rest of the world. So consider this to be part a list of recommendations and part me teaching you a lesson.

1. “Get Outta My Way” – Kylie Minogue

(Photo Credit: Parlophone)
A flawless song. It literally beckons to be blasted as loud as humanly possible.

2. “Shut Up and Dance” – Victoria Duffield

(Photo Credit: Warner Music Canada)
Do you ever listen to a song from a certain amount of years ago and think to yourself, wow, this is still THAT song? “Shut Up and Dance” is still THAT song. (While you’re here, check out our new interview with Victoria Duffield and listen to her new songs “WOW” and “Get Me High.”)

3. “Dancing On My Own” – Robyn

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Who the hell needs someone to dance with to a catchy tune? Certainly not Robyn.

4. “Is Your Love Enough?” – Little Mix

(Photo Credit: Syco/Columbia)
Name a song that’s catchier and more amazing than this one. That’s right. You can’t. (Well, we’ve still got 21 other catchy songs to go through, but this one is still pretty hard to top.)

5. “Into You” – Ariana Grande

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Find me one person who thinks this song is bad and get me their contact information. I want to yell at them.

6. “Sparks” – Hilary Duff

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Please donate to my new social media campaign, #JusticeForSparks. Large contributions preferred.

7. “Learn to Let Go” – Kesha

(Photo Credit: Kemosabe/RCA)
Will I EVER be sick of this song? Or Kesha? The answer is NO.

8. “Touch” – Little Mix

(Photo Credit: VEVO)
Just a touch of this song is enough to knock me off my feet all week.

9. “Replay” – Zendaya

(Photo Credit: Hollywood)
Zendaya was right when she sang “wanna put this song on replay, wanna listen to it all day” because that’s all I wanna do when I hear this song.

10. “Glamazon” – RuPaul

(Photo Credit: RuCo)
I want to live in a world that appreciates RuPaul’s discography.

11. “Sledgehammer” – Fifth Harmony

(Photo Credit: VEVO)
Those problematic girls were right when they said if you could take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer, because this song always knows how to pick up any mood.

12. “It’s Alright, It’s OK” – Ashley Tisdale

(Photo Credit: Warner Bros.)
While you have your check book out, why don’t you also donate to my other campaign, Justice for Ashley Tisdale’s Music Career.

13. “Battlefield” – Jordin Sparks

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This is one of those songs for me where I can hear only a split second of it and it brings me right back to when it first came out—2009, y’know, the last time Jordin Sparks was popular. That girl is talented. She deserved a massive superstar pop career. I blame RCA for shafting her.

14. “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” – Dua Lipa

(Photo Credit: Warner Bros.)
All hail our lord and savior, Dua Lipa (her entire debut album is pretty damn catchy, actually. You should listen to it if you haven’t and familiarize yourself with the future pop goddess.)

15. “Want to Want Me” – Jason Derulo

(Photo Credit: VEVO)
I actually periodically forget that Jason Derulo had any songs after 2009 until “Want to Want Me” comes on shuffle and I start dancing on public transit until I am asked to leave.

16. “Kiss N Tell” – Kesha

(Photo Credit: RCA)
One of the only good things about dollar-sign Kesha was her slut-shaming guys in her songs, which, as Ursula the Sea Witch would say, is what I live for.

17. “Into the Blue” – Kylie Minogue

(Photo Credit: Parlophone)
If you look up ‘anthem’ in the dictionary, you should find this song.

18. “Let Me Go” – Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso feat. Florida Georgia Line & Watt

(Photo Credit: VEVO)
If you honestly don’t like this song, honestly, we can’t be friends. Because I’m making plans and you’re making problems.

19. “Dying to Know” – Tegan and Sara

(Photo Credit: Warner Bros.)
These underrated LGBTQ queens have their fair share of bops – you just gotta seek ‘em out.

20. “Higher” – Carly Rae Jepsen

(Photo Credit: Interscope)
Does anyone else have momentary twinges of frustration that Carly Rae Jepsen could have made Emotion: Side B into a full-length album with “Cut to the Feeling” as the lead single? No? Just me? Okay. Cool.

21. “One Step at a Time” – Jordin Sparks

(Photo Credit: VEVO)
Yes, I still listen to hits from 2007 regularly and sing along to every damn word—IT REMINDS ME OF A SIMPLER TIME, OKAY?

22. “Over You” – Daughtry

(Photo Credit: RCA)
I went through an alternative rock phase and Daughtry was (and still is) one of my favorites. It was my pre-adolescent attempt at listening to more “masculine” music but it didn’t really work because everyone just associated Chris Daughtry as that guy from American Idol which I guess is a joke in itself but he’s actually super talented and this song is a masterpiece so JOKE’S ON YOU GUYS.

23. “How to Be a Heartbreaker” – Marina and the Diamonds

(Photo Credit: VEVO)
You know Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”? This is the original.

24. “High Horse” – Kacey Musgraves

(Photo Credit: MCA Nashville)
Flip on your cowgirl hat because you’re going to know every word to this song after only one listen.

25. “My My My!” – Troye Sivan

(Photo Credit: VEVO)
Troye Sivan—AKA the most adorable human to walk the planet—released quite possibly the best pop song of 2018 eleven days into the year and we are eternally grateful. In the words of Shawn Mendes, “Where’s the album, Troye?”

And, for your listening pleasure, you can listen to this entire playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!