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Geri Halliwell’s Driving Habits!

Geri Halliwell… We’re talking about books and cars and the women behind them!  Jessica Simpson’s gonna tell all and Spice Girl Geri needs to focus at the wheel… maybe someone could give her a ride!  See how you do with Kelly’s Trivia, and it’s a rockin’ 25... read more

CeCe Peniston’s “We Got A Love Thang”

CeCe Peniston… Our love for CeCe Peniston is front and center, we’ve got word about a new lawsuit from and for Michael Jackson fans and how Duran Duran will help celebrate a lunar anniversary.  Remember your name is your buzzer with Kelly’s Trivia, and get ready... read more

Madonna’s Back!

Madonna… We’re back at it for some summer fun 90’s NOW-style! We’re talking about the power of the Spice Girls, the power of Alanis Morissette being set for baby #3 and Madonna’s new music, cuz it’s that damn good! Kelly’s Trivia will test you as much as it does... read more

Britney Spears’ Roller Coaster Ride…

Britney Spears… We’ve got Royal news that includes a baby boy and other unconfirmed bits of 411 that upset Kelly.  Spice Girls tour is set for the summer, and we’ll tell you how Mel C is in charge. We’ve got an update on the health of Britney Spears and... read more

Kelly Hangs with Janet and Tina!

Janet and Tina… We’re back and Kelly’s gonna talk about her BIG meeting in New York! We’ve also got news on Sara Gilbert leaving The Talk, how a cottage for The Royals probably has more than indoor plumbing and we’re going to Florida for Sharon’s Fast Five.... read more

Poison Getting Ready To Rock!

Poison… While Beyoncé sings Happy Birthday to one of the greats, we’ve got word on how the Spice Girls are getting ready for their tour, and what may or may not have happened amongst a couple of the “Spicies” back in the day. Also, some other tour... read more

Jessica Simpson Is At It Again!

Jessica Simpson… We’ve got news on baby #3 for a 90’s pop star AND #3 movie news for an adventure classic! See if Sharon can keep her lead in Kelly’s Trivia, then see how the Fast Five this time is all over the decade!  Thanks for listening to 90’s NOW! Image... read more

Aunt Becky, What Did You Do?!

Aunt Becky… We’ve got word on how “Aunt Becky” can get you into university the wrong way. Elsewhere under the category of ‘wrong way,’ we’ll talk about the R. Kelly interview.  Feel free to guess the answer to Kelly’s Trivia… we tried too… a lot!!... read more

RIP Luke Perry.

Luke Perry… We’re talking about Luke Perry and The Prodigy’s Keith Flint on the show, as the ‘sad news’ list got longer this week with some losses from our favorite decade. So many of us are still in shock that Luke and Keith passed away so young and our best... read more

Your Favorite Zip Code is Coming Back!

Your Favorite Zip Code is Coming Back… We’ve got word from Tori Spelling on another re-boot TV show from our favorite decade!  See what side of the tie-break you’re on with Kelly’s Trivia and Sharon’s Fast Five gets “yer Hip Hop on!”  Also, it’s the... read more

The Jacksons are Defending Their Brother!

The Jacksons… So, we’ve got all kinds of emotions on some of our favourites from the 90’s.  The Jacksons are unhappy about the new documentary about Michael, Annie Lennox is happy to use the f-word and encourages us all to use it too and Jada Pinkett-Smith is... read more

Showing Some Love to The Cranberries…

The Cranberries… Back for more fun from our favourite decade! Kelly takes us into another round of T-t-t-trivia that’ll make you smarter for hearing it… true story, kinda… and Sharon’s Fast Five has a great R&B flavour from ‘97!  We’ll find out... read more

Jennifer Lopez Takes The Reins!

Jennifer Lopez… We’re talking a bit of TV with some 90’s reboots, the great egg nog debate and how Jennifer Lopez might not actually be that particular.  See how you do with Kelly’s T-t-t-t-Trivia, and how Sharon’s Fast Five isn’t all that fast.  Baby makes... read more

Welcome to the Rock Hall Janet Jackson!

Janet Jackson… Kelly can barely contain her excitement that Janet Jackson will soon be a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, class of 2019! Kelly makes sure to tell Sharon and Adam exactly why Miss Jackson should have been inducted years ago! Kelly and... read more

The Conners Are Rolling!

The Conners… We’re making a 90’s NOW connection with some news on a reunion tour for next summer and rumblings of a Spice Girls festival spot. Kelly and Sharon offer you up an analysis of just what is going on with The Conners and Murphy Brown as their... read more

Spice Girls Are Back In Action!

Spice Girls… Kelly & Sharon are back to bridge the gap between the 90’s and the Now with Spice Girls tour news and Mel B’s new book, “Brutally Honest.”  Kelly’s T-t-t-trivia might stump the panel, and Sharon’s Fast Five takes ya back to ‘94! ... read more

Lenny Kravitz is the Man!

Lenny Kravitz… Welcome everybody, including our new “beaucoups” who found us on Spotify!  We’ve got some wedding bells news for one of the great Dad’s of the 90’s. We’ll chat about the mother-daughter connection that the new cover of Rolling Stone magazine has... read more

Usher’s Big Day!

Usher… We’ve got word on who made the list for Usher’s big birthday party… and it wasn’t us, BUT great news on a Twitter connection for 90’s NOW from one of the big names on the lineup for that Mixed Tape Tour!  Kelly’s Trivia stumped the panel, while... read more

New Music from George Michael?

George Michael… We’ve got word on a potential new album from George Michael that will find us all on the dance floor!  There’s a great lineup for a new package tour that will make adult women channel their “inner teenager” and the list of nominees... read more

Madonna’s New Music!

Madonna… We’ve got word on Madonna’s new album, Gwyneth Paltrow’s new husband and who the hold out is for the new Bad Boys movie.  See how you do with Kelly’s T-T-T-Trivia, and Sharon’s Fast Five is kinda all over the place, but firmly in ‘98. We also discuss... read more

Will Smith Falling Into 50!

Will Smith… We’ve got news on Halle Berry’s big move to the small screen and how Will Smith will bounce or “fall” into his big birthday! Kelly’s Trivia has put Adam on the board for knowing his 90’s stuff and Sharon’s Fast 5 will take us back to the... read more

Lenny Kravitz Doing Things His Way!

Lenny Kravitz… Another week of hittin’ up our favourite decade and slappin’ some NOW on it! Sounds more abusive than it is… We’ve got word from Sarah Jessica Parker on why a Sex and the City re-boot wouldn’t work, and why Lenny Kravitz NOT signing a... read more

Crystal Waters Shakes the Stage!

Crystal Waters… We’ve got some news on four of our favourite 90’s ladies. One’s on the good side of dealing with stuff, another’s still kind of in it and another was just a kid when she got to spend Thanksgiving on the Neverland Ranch with MJ. The fourth will... read more

Jenny From The Block!

Jenny From The Block… Cheers to two weeks in a row!! We had a lot to discuss about the MTV VMA’s; like Madonna, because it seemed that Madonna had a lot to say about Madonna too.  Also, JLo’s big award of the night, and how un-JLo-like she is on her TV show. ... read more

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