Alessia Cara is “Here!”

We kick off The Kelly Alexander Show this week with Canadian sensation Alessia Cara who is making a lot of noise with her catchy song “Here.” Alessia counts Ellen Degeneres and Taylor Swift as fans and even performed on stage with Taylor in front of over 50 thousand people. Up next is recording artist Jill Zadeh who is currently on tour with Janet Jackson as one of her back-up vocalists. Jill talks life on the road and what Janet is really like as a boss. We round out the show with electronic rock band Ghost Town chatting about their latest CD Evolution and the importance of breakfast cereal. Thank you for listening!

Behind The Scenes of The Unbreakable World Tour…

It has been an absolute treat to welcome back-up vocalist Jill Zadeh to the show this week. As mentioned, Jill gives us an inside look at what life is really like on the road with Janet Jackson. She also gives us great insight on how the tour was put together and her love-hate relationship with one of her pieces of wardrobe.

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