Much has been made about Charlie Sheen and his current mental state, does he have bi-polar disorder or not? Kelly speaks with Dr. Randi Mozenter, a clinical psychologist, and she explains what being bi-polar is and what the symptoms are. You can then draw your own conclusions about where you think Charlie Sheen is at with his current state of mind. Kelly then shares her review of the Janet Jackson World Tour. Kelly was able to travel to Toronto to see the show and she tells us about the special tribute that Janet pays to her dearly departed brother, Michael Jackson. Up next is law professor Steve Heyman. Steve consulted on the US Supreme Court case involving the family of deceased soldier Matthew Snyder and the Westboro Baptist Church who defamed his funeral by protesting with disparaging signs and placards that attack homosexuality. It is quite the hot button topic and Steve lays out all the fine points of the case. We wrap things up on a high note with a remix featuring Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child.


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