An homage to one of the Greats

It has been over a week since the anniversary of the first Harry Potter book ever published. For some it was a great read, for many it was a whole new world and for others it was a literary revolution. I don’t think J. K. Rowling ever dreamt that her work would be so impactful. Not only in the literary realm but in readers lives. It was the novel that captured people of all ages from all around the world. The story was a safe haven. A place where you could unplug, detach and detox. The characters within the book became our friends. We as readers, have joined the welcoming feast. We helped Hermione make the polyjuice potion. We played with Ron in his first Quidditch match. We shed tears when Harry lost his godfather. We fought alongside the last battle. We were there throughout the entire journey.

Fan tweets to J.K. Rowling the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

The light at the end of the tunnel

Joanne Rowling did not have it easy. She herself has been trough countless heartaches and obstacles. The writer was a single mother, fleeing from her ex husband, in desperate need to find secure shelter for her daughter. She settled in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the time the government offered very little for those on welfare. Rowling had nothing. Less than nothing. Still, she pushed through in order to provide for her daughter. Dreamer at heart, from a very young age, Joanne emerged herself in her writing. Not long after the first manuscript of her book was ready. Even then, things didn’t turn up. She went trough countless rejections, until alas, the Bloomsbury publications offered to publish her work. And so it began.

Fan tweets to J.K. Rowling the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

My story

I was captivated by reading from a very young age. In the year I blew by 10th candle I also read my very first novel. Harry Potter and the Philisopher’s Stone. I became hooked. I remember hiding the novel behind my school books, in case my mother would walk in my room. That way, it would appear as if I’m reading my textbook, when in reality I was lost in a different world. Harry Potter has been there throughout all the years of my development. From a child to a 25 years old adult. It is the only book I have read and re-read. The most interesting of all, even after reading it a million times, it is always a different experience. Full of surprises, evoking different yet strong emotions.

Fan tweets to J.K. Rowling the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

We thank you

Not only did J.K. Rowling offer a gift to the world but she was, and still is a role model for many. Her work does not end in the literary industry but spreads trough countless organizations. As readers, we felt a piece of her soul through the words she meticulously placed together. The ability to evoke such strong emotion through words is no short than genius. From readers of all around the world, thank you for writing Harry Potter