Janet Jackson’s Got Back-Up…

It is a complete joy to welcome one of Janet Jackson’s back-up vocalists to The Kelly Alexander Show, Erin Stevenson. We were only supposed to speak with her for a few minutes but she was so fascinating we’ve dedicated the whole show to her. Erin is a talented vocalist who has sang back-up for A-list artists like Jennifer Lopez, Pharell Williams, John Legend, Rihanna, Ciara, Justin Timberlake and her longstanding relationship with Janet Jackson.

Janet & Justin

Erin talks about being on the road with Janet & Justin, how they compare and contrast as artists and also about her latest song being released called, “Naked.” Erin also gives us some insight into when we can expect Janet Jackson to return and complete her Unbreakable World Tour which currently has gone on hiatus.

Image Source: Erin Stevenson