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Award-winning Choreographer Tina Landon!

Tina Landon… The Kelly Alexander Show is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s phenomenal album the Velvet Rope by speaking to the people who were involved with the album and the world tour. We’re beyond excited to welcome award-winning... read more

Dancer & Director Shawnette Heard!

Shawnette Heard… We’re so looking forward to welcoming to The Kelly Alexander Show this week’s featured guest, Shawnette Heard. Not only is Shawnette a dancer and choreographer who’s worked with Beyonce, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner... read more

Actress & Choreographer Kelly Konno!

Kelly Konno… We’re thrilled to welcome back to The Kelly Alexander Show dancer, choreographer, teacher and actress Kelly Konno talking about the 20th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope! Kelly danced for Janet on three world tours including... read more

LL Cool J Getting His Due!

LL Cool J… Where are you on the debate of whether Justin Timberlake should have Janet Jackson with him when he does the SuperBowl Half-Time Show?  You can guess what Kelly says, now imagine where Sharon thinks the tassles should go this time!  We’ll talk... read more

Dancer Nikki Pantenburg!

Nikki Pantenburg… Thank you for joining us on The Kelly Alexander Show this week! Can’t wait for you to hear our chat with dancer Nikki Pantenburg. Nikki has worked with artists like Ricky Martin, Babyface, Deborah Cox and Michael Jackson and she’s... read more

Rob Vinson & Scott Helman!

Rob Vinson… Thank you so much for joining us! This week on The Kelly Alexander Show we welcome Toronto singer-songwriter Scott Helman. Scott recently released a new song, “PDA,” from his latest album, Hôtel de Ville and has hit the road with fellow... read more

Emmy Award-winning Choreographer Tyce Diorio!

Tyce Diorio… Our special interview series on The Kelly Alexander Show celebrating the 20th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope continues this week with Emmy Award-winning choreographer and director Tyce Diorio who danced with Janet during the... read more

Teresa Espinosa & Hedley!

Teresa Espinosa… We’re very excited to kick off our special series of interviews on The Kelly Alexander Show celebrating the 20th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope! Our guest is dancer & choreographer Teresa Espinosa who was the... read more

The Heels Make You Come Around!

The Heels… Hope you’ve been having a great week, thank you for joining us on The Kelly Alexander Show as we welcome some very cool guests kicking off with an up and coming country band out of Vancouver called The Heels, these three ladies have got something... read more

Legendary DJ and Producer Roger Sanchez!

DJ Roger Sanchez… As always we’re excited for you to hear this week’s show as we welcome legendary DJ and producer Roger Sanchez to The Kelly Alexander Show! Roger has remixed for A-list artists like Madonna, Maroon 5, Daft Punk, The Police and... read more

Domeno – Going For It!

Domeno Is On Fire… This week we welcome a very talented Montreal DJ and producer named Domeno who’s been working diligently on his music career since the early 2000s. He’s friends with world renowned DJ and producer Hardwell and counts many other... read more

Joel McHale Feels Like A Lucky Dude!

Joel McHale… Another busy week on the show, this time we’re stoked to welcome actor, writer, host and comedian Joel McHale to The Kelly Alexander Show. Joel has a long resume including his time on the sitcoms Community and The Great Indoors not to mention... read more

Jane Krakowski Always On Fire!

Jane Krakowski… We can’t wait for you to hear this week’s show as we welcome the extremely talented actress, singer and Broadway star Jane Krakowski to The Kelly Alexander Show! Jane has success wherever she goes whether it’s singing, on a... read more

Melissa Etheridge Telling It Like It Is.

Melissa Etheridge… Thank you for joining us on The Kelly Alexander Show! I can’t tell you how happy we are to welcome Grammy and Academy Award-winning artist Melissa Etheridge to the program. Melissa has had such a fantastic career and joins us to talk... read more

Scott Helman’s “Kinda Complicated.”

Scott Helman… Thank you for joining us on The Kelly Alexander Show, we’re happy to welcome two amazing guests this week kicking off with Toronto native Scott Helman talking about his latest album “Hotel de Ville” and the process behind making... read more

Shawn Hook – His Story.

Shawn Hook… We’re happy to have you with us on The Kelly Alexander Show as we chat with Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Hook. Shawn’s been steadily building his music career for several years and has had success with songs like “Sound of Your Heart”... read more

The Nineties Are Still Happening!

The Nineties Are Where It’s At… We’re looking forward to having you hear from our guests on this week’s Kelly Alexander Show starting off with David Wild who is an Emmy-nominated writer and producer, a best-selling author and contributing... read more

Eric Braeden – I’ll Be Damned!

Eric Braeden… We’re over the moon to welcome back to The Kelly Alexander Show, Emmy Award-winning actor Eric Braeden from The Young and The Restless. Eric has been on Y&R for 37 years and recently wrote his memoir called “I’ll Be... read more

Akon Keeps Hustling!

Akon Still At It… We’ve got a jam-packed Kelly Alexander show this week featuring a world renowned artist who’s worked with the likes of Whitney Houston, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Michael Jackson, it’s Akon talking about his career and which songs... read more

Andy Grammer Gives Love!

Andy Grammer Has Love To Give… The Kelly Alexander Show happily welcomes singer-songwriter Andy Grammer. Andy is coming off a successful run following the success of his hit song “Honey I’m Good.” Andy has released a new song called “Give... read more

The Chainsmokers Are Still Talking!

The Chainsmokers… It was a real thrill for Kelly to be able to chat with The Chainsmokers again. She had interviewed them back in 2014 following the success of their hit song “Selfie,” and it wasn’t long before their music career took off. With... read more

Jimmy Jam Talks Hall of Fame Induction!

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Hit the Hall of Fame… We’re over the moon to welcome back to The Kelly Alexander Show Grammy Award-winning producer Jimmy Jam. Jimmy and his music partner Terry Lewis are being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Jimmy... read more

BeBe Rexha Knows Her Chocolate!

Bebe Rexha Knows What She Wants… Welcome to The Kelly Alexander Show, we’ve got a great program lined up as we speak with pop princess BeBe Rexha! Bebe is a very creative and talented young artist who is not afraid to speak her mind on a host of different... read more

Time To Vogue!

Time to Vogue with Salim Gauwloos… Time to Vogue! We’re really looking forward to this episode of The Kelly Alexander Show because we get to chat with an amazing artist who has danced for some of the world’s top musicians like George Michael, Britney... read more

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