(Photo credit: Charlotte Tutton via Twitter)

On the beloved NBC sitcom Friends, which aired for 10 seasons between 1994 and 2004, you may remember a gang of six twentysomething friends who loved to hang out at their local coffeehouse, Central Perk. But did you ever stop and think how many cups of coffee they actually went through in 10 seasons of discussing their lives over a quick caffeine fix? The answer may surprise you.

This morning on Twitter, writer Kit Lovelace recalled on the time she scrolled through all 236 episodes of the sitcom and discovered that they went through 1154 cups of coffee over 10 seasonsHer discoveries didn’t stop there: she also made note of how many cups of coffee each of the main cast members went through. Her findings are as follows:

(Photo credit: Kit Lovelace via Twitter)

1. Monica (Courteney Cox): 198 cups
2. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow): 227 cups
3. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston): 139 cups
4. Ross (David Schwimmer): 188 cups
5. Chandler (Matthew Perry): 212 cups
6. Joey (Matt LeBlanc): 191 cups

So it looks like Phoebe and Chandler really liked having something hot to drink while socializing with their pals; Rachel not so much (although that’s not entirely surprising, considering she was a waitress at Central Perk and was the one serving her friends for the series’ first three seasons, even though she wasn’t very good at it). Lovelace also listened to the prices that were shouted out to the characters after their cups were empty and came up with a final calculation of how much the six friends spent on coffee altogether over 10 seasons: a whopping $2,077.20!

Of course, Lovelace’s findings are based solely on the information that was visible to viewers in each episode. There is no way to concretely argue that the friends actually spent two-thousand dollars on coffee over ten years (and why would you really want to?), but it’s fun to think about! One person on Twitter also pointed out that while Lovelace’s observations could be totally true, one could also argue that Phoebe was sipping on herbal tea and not coffee a lot of those times, as the masseuse and part-time singer/songwriter was known to enjoy tea or other hot drinks, as well as any of the other friends. The writer made clear that when making her observations in all 236 episodes, she assumed that everything in a mug was coffee unless otherwise stipulated. She also realized that, apart from a small handful of times, the gang very rarely drank coffee outside of Central Perk.

I wonder what Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross could have spent that $2,077 on instead of coffee at their hangout spot? Also fun to think about!