Strike A Pose…

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Kevin Stea to The Kelly Alexander Show! Kevin is a singer, actor, director and choreographer and was a dancer for Madonna during her world-renowned Blond Ambition tour in the early 90’s. He also had a significant role in her “Truth or Dare” documentary. Kevin tells us about life with Madonna and about a new documentary being released called “Strike A Pose” which catches up with the Blond Ambition dancers and finds out how their lives have played out since their time with the Material Girl.

Lipstick Graphiti

We’re also thrilled to welcome to the program retro/pop artist Graph who hails from Toronto and is releasing her debut album called “Lipstick Graphiti.” Kelly talks to Graph about the importance A Tribe Called Quest and how they’ve been a significant influence on her career. Graph also explains how she got her name and where she intends to take her career next. Thank you for listening!

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