Word on the block

As far as the entertainment industry has come to tackling stereotypes and barriers, there are still many obstacles that individuals succumb to. Specifically when it comes to careers within the film industry. Unfortunately, it is part of our sad reality, that in today’s day and age people have to struggle to get a fair chance in the running. The new movie Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins generated a buzz within the film industry. It’s release opened an array of opportunity to women in film.

The wonders of Wonder Woman

In a recent interview conducted by Chris Hardwick, stand up comedian and CEO of the Nerdist podcast, he discussed the topic with guest Sofia Coppola, screenwriter and director of Lost in translation, Marie Antoinette and many more. Coppola was asked if the film industry had improved in encouraging female artists. Her response pointed that there were not many changes dating from the year 1999. The latter is rather depressing and quite disappointing. Although the progression of women in film is slow, the rising success of the movie Wonder Woman has stirred the subject towards a positive direction.


Wonder Woman 2017 photo credit by- heroichollywood.com

Women and film

The recent release of Wonder Woman brought women and film into perspective. The movie generated earnings of $356.1 million in 31 days since it’s release. It has surpassed the earnings of the movie SpidermanGuardian of the Galaxy and more. It is the first superhero film with a female leading role that has acclaimed such success. The following adheres that there is an active audience for female driven subject matter, which should be fructified. Not only does the movie represent women within a frame of empowerment and strong stature, but it is directed by female director Patty Jenkins. The female perspective behind the lens, powered with the tenacity of the leading character left a scorching mark. Here’s hoping that this newly generated frenzy creates a long term affect. Breaking down some walls and allowing more female artist the opportunity to portray their talents.