The 10 Best Halloween TV Episodes

Halloween might be the time of year to decorate your lawn with pumpkins and ghouls, giving out candy to your neighborhood’s costume connoisseurs, or trying to figure out the most clever costume to wear to the office or to a party. But the best way to celebrate... read more

12 Underrated Movies to Watch This Summer

In the mood to crank up the AC, ignore civilization, and watch a good movie during your time off this summer? Never fear! As much as it’s fun to go see movies in the theatre, sometimes nothing beats staying home, microwaving popcorn, and watching a movie from your... read more

Summer Reading Guide: 2019 Edition

When the warm weather of summer arrives, it often brings vacation time, and vacation time often brings extra time to catch up on your reading! But it can be unnecessarily difficult to decide what you are in the mood to read, especially when you don’t want to waste... read more

The Best Songs and Albums of 2019 So Far

If you’re reading this, that means that 2019 is already half finished—I know, we’re just as shocked as you are. Since half of the year has already pasted, that means we’ve already experienced half a year of new music, and since summer has arrived, new music is always... read more

25 Songs That Are Turning 10 Years Old in 2019

Ah, 2009. When Lady Gaga was still wearing dresses made of meat and releasing super provocative music videos to push the envelope, when soccer moms were jamming along to Kesha brushing her teeth with a bottle of jack, when everyone was upset Adam Lambert lost American... read more

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