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Victoria Beckham Getting Something For Nothing!

Victoria Beckham… Who knew that one thing Noel Gallagher and Victoria Beckham have in common is their lack of effort?  We’ll tell ya which one of them is making money with this approach.  Think you know your 90’s? See how you do with Kelly’s... read more

Jennifer Lopez Is Heartbroken!

Jennifer Lopez… We’re all set to have some fun with the balancing act of the 90’s and the NOW! News from both sides of happily ever after with J. Lo just really wanting to have her wedding and Mary Kate Olsen just really wanting to end her marriage. We’ll also... read more

Tori Spelling Gets Some Mad Love!

Tori Spelling… We are back and keeping a safe social distance with each other while getting straight into your ears! Tori Spelling celebrates a birthday and gets some mad love from a fellow 90210 cast member while Kelly Rowland explains why she likes her... read more

Nicolas Cage Is Becoming Exotic!

Nicolas Cage… We are “still happening” during this crazy time and hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.  We’ve got some “new” music from Oasis in probably the only way we’d get it from them. Also, how both Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise’s plans... read more

Oprah Is Staying Home.

Oprah… We’ve finally made it back to spend some time with you in our favorite decade!  We’ve got some news on how COVID-19 is affecting the Royals, Oprah’s work travel plans, and how bored Britney has been to get her groove on to the music of... read more

Pearl Jam Playing It Safe!

Pearl Jam… We’ve got the word on justice, Jeopardy and Jessica!  How Harvey Weinstein is off to prison, how the Coronavirus has affected all kinds of events including Pearl Jam’s tour and the taping of TV shows and why Jessica Simpson is proud of her... read more

Oprah Takes A Tumble!

Oprah… We are back and excited to talk about Foo Fighters 25th anniversary plans, slightly less excited about Oprah’s ironic tumble and the happy and sad states of J Lo.  See how you do with Kelly’s Trivia and if Sharon will have enough from the Q file to fill... read more

Janet Jackson’s New Era!

Janet Jackson… We’ve got the “one-two punch” of big news for Janet fans, which has Kelly refinancing. We’ll recap the Oscars and how great at least one of the performances was even though it came a few years later.  And we’ll talk about how SNL... read more

Shannen Doherty’s Fight.

Shannen Doherty… We’ve got news from 90210’s Shannen Doherty on sharing her cancer diagnosis.  We’ll tell ya which “Friend” would jump at the chance to play James Bond.  And how great were Shakira and J. Lo at the Super Bowl Halftime show?? Really... read more

Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant… We’ve got all kinds ‘now’ on some of our face names from the 90’s!  How our “Friend” Jennifer Aniston makes fans scream and how Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong screams out obscenities on live television. We’ve doubled the ante on Kelly’s Trivia... read more

Aerosmith Are On The Outs!

Aerosmith… We’ve got the perfect blend of 90’s and NOW talking about Ozzy’s big health news and how Aerosmith have some legal issues rockin’ within the band! We’ll make room for Jennifer Aniston and all her Instagram followers and some other sexy stuff that... read more

Pearl Jam Back With New Tunes!

Pearl Jam… This week we’ve got all the excitement of a wild roller coaster ride without actually losing your lunch!  We’ll let you know about the new Pearl Jam album and how J. Lo dreams of a simpler life.  Sharon’s Fast Five checks off the “L”... read more

Mariah Carey Has Another Record!

Mariah Carey… Happy New Year!! Welcome to another year of the best of the 90’s and the “now.” We’ve got big royal news to kickstart the show and some fun TV news from the 80’s… that’s not a typo, we are just a full service show. Kelly’s Trivia... read more

Celebrating 200 Episodes of 90’s NOW!

90’s NOW… For the last show of the year, (which happens to be episode 200) we’re talking about some great holiday news for Mariah Carey that’s 25 years in the making! Also more good cheer coming from Brett Michaels to those in need and how one Chili Pepper... read more

Mary J. Blige Is Taking A Look Back!

Mary J. Blige… We’ve got proof that Beyoncé just might be like you and me!  Also, news on a new documentary on one of our fave R&B divas and why Soundgarden is in the dog house with Chris Cornell’s wife. See how you might be smarter than we are with... read more

Salt-N-Pepa Didn’t Always Want to Push It!

Salt-N-Pepa… Christina Aguilera is 20 years into her huge career… where does the time go?! We also dig into a fun fact about one of the biggest rap hits in history courtesy of Salt-N-Pepa.  See how you do with Kelly’s Trivia and Sharon’s Fast Five will... read more

*NSYNC – On The Comeback Trail?

*NSYNC… We’ve got a ‘reunion’ vibe running through the show this time.  Musically we’re talking about *NSYNC, then on TV we’ve got more on the developing Friends “one-off.”  And get ready for some new music from Crystal Waters AND George Michael cuz we’ve got... read more

Jennifer Aniston Is Giving Us Hope!

Jennifer Aniston… Jennifer Aniston has given us hope that “something is coming” from her and her FRIENDS! In other Jennifer news, we’ve got word, or ‘the word’ that J-Lo uses to describe what she and Shakira have been working on for their Super Bowl... read more

Liam and Noel – Can’t You Just Get Along!

Liam and Noel… One of our favourite 90’s divas is even angrier than she was last week, and we’ll find out why. When will Liam and Noel Gallagher just get along – we think we have the answer. We’ll also hear some new sounds on Kelly’s Trivia that we’re very... read more

Will & Grace – Don’t Go!

Will & Grace… We’re talking about some of the details from Elton John’s new memoir, and how one pic of Friends on Instagram brought one of those Friends into social media with a bang!  Also, a sneak peek at the final season of one of our favourite re-boot... read more

A Friends Reunion – Just Not On TV!

Friends… We’re talking about the Friends reunion and how much it would take to get our favourite group of six back together.  And  the story of another couple of friends that we’ll see in a book; Andrew Ridgeley has written a memoir about his friendship and... read more

25 Years of All I Want For Christmas Is You!

25 Years… Back for another fix of our fave decade and an early dose of holiday fun?? Yup, Christmas talk this early is okay if there’s news about Mariah Carey!  We’ve got the goods on Daniel Craig’s last Bond appearance, and by ‘goods’ we mean he was... read more

Nick and Aaron Carter At Odds!

Nick and Aaron Carter… We’ve got updates on some of our favourite people from our favourite decade, but ‘up’ might be overstating it when it comes to Britney Spears’ situation and what Nick Carter has had to do to keep brother Aaron in check. No surprise... read more

CeCe Peniston Turns 50!

CeCe Peniston… We’re happy to be back for another season of fun from our favourite decade! We’ve got news on Black Girls Rock; how one of them really knows how to celebrate a birthday, and how Kelly had some hang time with another one of them!  Also, positive... read more

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