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Counting Crows – New Music!

Counting Crows… We’ve got 90’s TV news on a couple of re-boots that won’t happen and how the cast of ER broke that news to their fans. Also, we catch up on a couple of stories that we didn’t get to last time – how else could Bobby Brown and Queen Elizabeth... read more

Prince – New Music in 2021!

Prince… We’ve got news on some new music from Prince! Also how one of our favourites has connected one of her classics with gospel flare. And we’ll hear how Uncle Joey felt about not seeing one of his nieces in the Fuller House. See how you do with Kelly’s... read more

DMX – Gone Too Soon.

DMX… We’ll give you some perspective on the passing of Hip-Hop icon DMX and what his family is already having to endure. It’s not looking good if you’re hoping for new music from Queen with Adam Lambert anytime soon. Also, one of the music industry’s greats... read more

Soundgarden Troubled Times.

Soundgarden… We’ve got the word on new music from Noel Gallagher, and the word is “Electro Shimmer Pop”… which is obviously three words, but we’ll still look forward to a new album. We’ve got reaction from the stars of “Charmed” on... read more

Drew Barrymore Making Moves!

Drew Barrymore… We’ve got news on the next exciting step for Drew Barrymore. Also, see how we draw a line between Jennifer Love Hewitt and Madonna and inappropriate questions. And the not-so-secret secret of who Elton John has worked with lately. See how you do... read more

William Shatner Turns 90!

William Shatner… Award show season continues, and with the Oscars coming up, we’ll talk about what Gwyneth Paltrow did after winning hers. We’ll tell you which rock band doesn’t see a point in making new music, because there’s no reward in it. But hey the reward... read more

Bon Jovi’s Touring Plans.

Bon Jovi… We’re talking about the Grammys’ lack of rock especially when it came to paying tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Also, how Jon Bon Jovi sees touring moving forward, or if he sees it at all. And Courtney Love has lived to tell her own tale and is better for... read more

Janet Jackson’s New Documentary!

Janet Jackson… We’re talking about the big television event… ya, the newest guest host on Jeopardy! And of course we’re digging into the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry… it’s only first name references here, so the news of this new documentary... read more

Spike Lee’s 9/11 Documentary.

Spike Lee… We’re talking about the new Spike Lee doc coming in September that commemorates 9/11 and tracks the resilience of New Yorkers over the last 20 years! It’s almost been that long since we heard from Dr. Frazier Crane and we’ll tell ya how that’s gonna... read more

Mary J. Blige Hits Major Milestone!

Mary J. Blige… We’ve got some fun stuff from Mel C of the Spice Girls that we’d like to toss into the rumour mill. Also, we’ll tell you what made Mary J. Blige cry like a baby and we’ve got news on a TV show that will mix reality with a... read more

Notorious B.I.G. – New Documentary!

Notorious B.I.G… We are talking about the new documentary on The Notorious B.I.G. coming soon to Netflix. Also on the ‘coming soon’ list of things to watch, one of J.Lo’s projects just signed a new and cool addition to its cast. More than 40 years in, we’ll tell... read more

TLC – Biography!

TLC… We’ve got news on how TLC is getting the A&E treatment and the story of accusations against Marilyn Manson. We’ll tell you about Weezer’s new album, but it’s not the one you’ve been waiting well over a year for… we’ll have to wait a little bit... read more

Dustin Diamond – Forever Screech.

Dustin Diamond… We’ve got news on what J.Lo has been doing to stay busier than all of us combined. Also, as Dave Grohl preps for a new Foo Fighters album, we’ll tell you how the word ‘dysfunctional’ is used to describe the Nirvana family. See how you do with... read more

Jon Bon Jovi is a Normal Dude!

Jon Bon Jovi… We’re talking about the new Salt-N-Pepa biopic and one ingredient that’s missing… groan… lol!! We’ll tell you one thing Ben Affleck says has improved since he was a young actor and fresh off the inauguration concert, Jon Bon Jovi talks... read more

Betty White is the Bomb!

Betty White… We’ve got news on one of our faves IN her 90’s and how a petition could change the way we see January 17th. We’ve got a vague-ish update about how come we can’t access enough of Aaliyah’s music. And how ‘bout we tell you why we got to see a good... read more

Sex And The City – Making New Memories!

Sex And The City… We’ve got news on some of our fave TV New Yorkers getting set to take over the city once again. Also, how Dave Grohl’s dreams flash him back to the 90s and how Taylor Swift compares to Michael Jackson when it comes to setting records on the... read more

Spice Girls Missing the United States!

Spice Girls… New year and all kinds of news from some of our favourites from the 90’s, like about how The Spice Girls might celebrate their 25th anniversary and how you can now find music from The KLF wherever you get your music. We’ve got word on who made Jared... read more

A 90’s Christmas!

A 90’s Christmas… It’s a holiday check-in! We’ve got some great news about how your festivities could be Dolly’d up this year and Dave Grohl’s lasting effect on Hanukkah. We’ll celebrate our favourite Christmas song from our favourite decade too! We... read more

Cher’s Influence!

Cher… All hail Eddie Van Halen! Listen to one rocker’s tribute to the guitar great. Elsewhere in the ‘great’ department, we’re talking about an icon who doesn’t want any credit for the ‘nip and tuck’ boom that we see a lot of younger artists doing. And speaking... read more

Gwen Stefani – She’s Back!

Gwen Stefani… We’re talking about the “reintroduction” of one of our faves from the 90’s and it fits perfectly into the “now.” We’ve got the opposite of that with info on how there won’t be any new music for a while from one of our faves... read more

Duran Duran – New Tunes!

Duran Duran… It’s the season to chat about the greatness of Mariah’s holiday classic, so we’re all over that like a leotard on a Spice Girl… Hey speaking of which, we’ll tell ya which Spice Girl is auctioning off a classic from her “Wannabe” wardrobe for... read more

Lethal Weapon Returns!

Lethal Weapon… We’ve got big and small screen news that’ll have you ready to celebrate the great Alex Trebek over the holidays and news about how the Lethal Weapon franchise will continue. Also, we’ll talk about what being at home over the last few months... read more

Wolfgang Van Halen’s Next Chapter.

Wolfgang Van Halen… We’ve got all kinds of news on some cool rock offspring! Wolfgang Van Halen’s thoughts on his Dad’s band and how he’s been processing musically. Also, the sons of some other pretty big rock stars have banded up to take over the family... read more

Usher Becomes A “Girl Dad!”

Usher… You think you’ve got issues?!! How about some Daddy issues a la Britney Spears? We’re talking about Britney’s ongoing struggle with who should be running her “show.” Also, Usher has become a new daddy to a baby girl, so those issues are way cuter. Sting... read more

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