Ian Campbell – Musical Composer

Ian has been fixated with keyboards and creating beats for as long as he can remember. A native of Goose Bay, Labrador, the music bug hit him at an early age. Realizing that to fulfill his musical aspirations he needed to head to the big city, he moved to Toronto and studied audio at Ryerson University. He’s never looked back, and is responsible for many musical works that you may have heard on radio commercials, acid jazz compilations, and songs by Canadian pop artists. His talent is second to none, and Kelly is thrilled to have him on on the team producing original theme music for the show.



Grae Drake – Movie Critic

Grae Drake began her love affair with cinema as a wee bairn, as she spent every weekend corralling her friends over to the local cinema to see the latest flick. Soon, her hunger for film became ravenous when she starred as an extra in the short film “Alexander the Grape,” directed by her high school crush that she really, really wanted to impress, (she failed, by the way, but she blames the script). Having sat through everything from The Bicycle Thief to White Chicks, she remains a cinephile with varied tastes, (although she has a special love for documentary, as she believes watching them takes the place of paying for grad school). Her undergrad was spent at the University of Texas at Austin, shooting, editing, and producing films that were honored at Sundance and the Directors Guild of America. Grae is also a movie critic for CNN, Fandango, and also The Kelly Alexander Show. Check out more of her reviews at movies.com.


Sharon Hyland – Music Editor

Sharon Hyland is called “The Queen of Rock” because of her almost 20 years in rock radio and more than 15 years on the air at CHOM 97 7, The Spirit of Rock in Montreal. Within her regular airtime, she programs a show called The Sunday Morning Stretch that’s best described as the perfect soundtrack to whatever you’ve got going on for your Sunday morning. Sharon is a huge fan of all kinds of music; anything that gets your toes tappin’ and head boppin’ – as long as it moves you, it’s all good. She plays it, writes about it and loves talking about it on the air… or in line at the grocery store.

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