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LL Cool J Getting His Due!

LL Cool J… Where are you on the debate of whether Justin Timberlake should have Janet Jackson with him when he does the SuperBowl Half-Time Show?  You can guess what Kelly says, now imagine where Sharon thinks the tassles should go this time!  We’ll talk... read more

GNR Show Some P!nk!

GNR Give Love… We’ve got a great big 90’s reveal on the show, and it’s not someone named Harvey in a bathrobe.  But we will talk about how Courtney Love’s advice 12 years ago was a clear warning.  Midnight Oil slide some politics in, GNR... read more

INXS – Michael Hutchence Documentary!

Michael Hutchence… What do “Dr.” Annie Lennox, Janet Jackson’s dancers and Gwen Stefani’s new Christmas song… in October have in common??  Theyr’e ALL GOOD!!  We’ll tell ya what Bono had to say about the power of Michael... read more

Hanson are on the Show!

Hanson Talk 90’s… Kelly’s gonna tell us how the three young blondies in Hanson are all grown up with a sneak peek into her conversation with them.  And how bout this: Cat fights and big screen brats??  The “brat” fesses up, and while we... read more

New Music from George Michael & Seal!

George Michael Has New Music… We’ve got details on new music from George Michael and Seal, who’s taking on some classics, while Kelly and Sharon contemplate what the hell a kiss from a rose would actually be like!!  Also, TLC’s T-Boz tells her... read more

Who is En Vogue?

En Vogue… Back at it for another show… we’re really back!! We’ll get the En Vogue lineup straightened out… and maybe add a couple more names to their roster.  We’ll go back to a more “dreaded” time with Lenny Kravitz and... read more

90’s NOW – We’re Baaack!

We’re Back At It! Helloooooooooooooooo! After several months away we’re back and ready to rock a brand new episode of 90’s NOW! Lots to discuss, including how Dr. Dre continues to rule the planet, a new 90’s TV show for Lance Bass and Christina... read more

George Michael – Gone Too Soon.

George Michael… Back at it for the first show of 2017!  When we last spoke George Michael was alive, Mariah Carey lip-synched a performance and Madonna dated younger men; only one of these things has changed.  We’ll listen to some George Michael to help us... read more

New Edition Hitting The Small Screen!

New Edition on TV… So, Kelly wanted to take a reeeaaallllly long break and I had to comply, because I’m a supportive co-host and friend. Lol!! Just kidding, life got in the way and we’ve fixed that now, so back to the 90’s we go!!  We said... read more

Still Time To Vogue…

Summer Vibes… Great to be back to kick off some 90’s summer vibes and vogue!  While Justin Timberlake puts out the song of the summer of 2016, we’ll go back to his beginnings with N*SYNC!  We’ve got a story on how George Michael’s... read more

Kiss Causing Trouble…

Kiss Causing Trouble… Another edition of 90’s NOW is ready to rock! Gene Simmons of Kiss had some choice comments about the involvement of rap in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Kelly and Sharon discuss Gene’s aversion to having this genre of... read more

Backstreet Boys Heading To Vegas!

Backstreet Boys Making A Trial Run Big news for Backstreet Boys fans! The group is heading to Las Vegas for a trial run at a residency. For the moment nine shows have been booked to test the waters and see what life would be like for the boys if they were to sign on... read more

Mariah Carey Has Been Called Out…

Mariah Carey Taken To Task… Mariah Carey has been called out by her brother Morgan Carey saying she should help her sister Alison get back to health with some financial assistance. Alison has had several health issues over the years in large part due it seems to... read more

Guns N’ Roses Add More Dates…

Another fun show of getting all caught up with your favourite 90’s music and the stars that make it!  Like the transition from hot rock star to magician for Evan Dando of The Lemonheads, or the unmistakable Beth Brennan or Breath Bennan depending on the... read more

Boyband Birthdays In Full Effect…

Boyband Birthdays & More on 90’s NOW! Boyband birthdays are in full effect on this week’s 90’s NOW! Members from both Backstreet Boys and N*Sync are celebrating birthdays near the end of January and we’ll tell you who is blowing out... read more

Full House Reboot on the Way!

Another fun show!  Word on the Full House reboot and another go around for CeCe Peniston’s “Finally.” Ka-Ching!  Also, more sad news with the death of Glenn Frey of The Eagles; we’ll pay tribute with his solo hit from a classic 90’s... read more

David Bowie Says Goodbye…

90’s NOW – Still Happening… Happy New Year!!  We are psyched to be back to bring the 90’s and the NOW together for 2016!  We will celebrate the lives of our favourite artists that we’ve lost, and hear music from David Bowie and Natalie... read more

Is Lauryn Hill About To Drop New Music?

Could it be that Lauryn Hill will be back with new music at some point in the coming year? Kelly and Sharon discuss this possibility along with a re-cap of some highlights from 2015 on 90’s NOW including one Mr. “Peekaboo” Kravitz. Get ready for some... read more

Foo Fighters Know Just What To Say. Episode 122

We should call this the ‘Size Matters’ show for somewhat obvious anatomically descriptive reasons that have everything (or something) to do with the music.  Listen for news on Foo Fighters brand new EP and how it might mean more than just a thank you from... read more

Usher Raymond Takes Things Nice and Slow. Episode 121

Another flash back into the decade where we wished along with Skee-Lo and prayed with MC Hammer.  Back to when Lisa Loeb wore dark rimmed glasses… wait a minute, that hasn’t changed!  Crystal Waters’ birthday week celebrations continue with us, while Def... read more

Alanis Morissette Updates A Classic! Episode 120

We’re in full effect for another look back to the 90’s, and some news to cover the NOW with word on new music from Weezer, how you can get your hands on some Whitney Houston gowns and how to see U2 live from the comfort of your own home… provided... read more

90’s NOW – Episode 119 October 20th, 2015

As we look back to our fave decade, we’ll remember some artistically dirty times with Madonna’s Sex book, and determine that there’s no real difference between Vanilla Ice’s “Van Winkle” and Lenny’s “Peek-a-boo Kravitz.”  We also may not... read more

90’s NOW – Episode 118 October 13th, 2015

We’ve got the perfect tempo to match your autumn vibe with news on new music from a couple of Princes; one is playing hard to get with his 34th album while we haven’t heard music from the other in about ten years!  Also, how Raven got in trouble for name... read more

90’s NOW – Episode 117 October 6th, 2015

Imagine if you will a world where an Aussie band’s music would inspire a Broadway show, a country superstar couple celebrate their 19th anniversary and Tori Spelling still has secrets to spill about her old zip code… we’re living in it on 90’s... read more

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