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Foo Fighters are on Fire!

Foo Fighters… Kelly and Sharon are back in full effect after a few weeks away from their microphones and headsets! Lots to chat about including Sharon’s trip to Boston to see her rockstar boyfriend’s band, Foo Fighters. Kelly gets to weigh in too... read more

Shania Twain Still Workin’ It!

Shania Twain… Kelly and Sharon have a great message from Janet Jackson about her upcoming shows!  Also, what Kelly calls a “really good” Shania Twain concert, Sharon calls a “real lack of commitment” to her previously announced... read more

What Is Up with Tommy Lee?

Tommy Lee… Kelly and Sharon have a debate over Tommy Lee’s parenting skills and if it really does take two to tango. The ladies also delve into Lenny Kravitz and his acting career, what is up with the Roseanne “reboot-reboot” and other saucy... read more

RBRM Are Kicking It!

RBRM… New Edition have yet another incarnation, RBRM – Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike. Kelly and Sharon discuss this new splinter group and what that means for you. They also delve into why you shouldn’t tell your wife everything if you plan on... read more

Roseanne Show is Axed.

Roseanne… Kelly and Sharon have a serious discussion about Roseanne Barr’s disgraceful actions which have resulted in the cancellation of the sitcom. Usually the ladies like to keep things light, but this situation warrants a serious tone to say the least.... read more

Janet & Salt-N-Pepa Rockin’ Billboard Awards!

Janet & Salt-N-Pepa… Kelly & Sharon are back at it with a Royal Wedding recap and Billboard Award highlights thanks to Janet Jackson, Salt-N-Pepa and all the new members of En Vogue.  We’ll chat about how one of our fave 90’s sitcom stars will wrap up... read more

Happy Birthday Miss Jackson!

Happy Birthday Janet… For some reason Sharon’s birthday celebrations continue on 90’s NOW courtesy of CeCe Peniston and we’re fine with it! We also get to celebrate Janet Jackson’s 52 birthday by talking about her performance on the... read more

Sharon Hyland’s Big Day!

Sharon Hyland… This week we are celebrating Sharon Hyland’s 50th birthday in style with a few surprises up our sleeve! Kelly and Adam couldn’t let this milestone birthday go by without some special 90’s love for our favorite “Queen of... read more

Snoop Dogg Makes Anything Sound Magical!

Snoop Dogg… Kelly and Sharon give the Roseanne reboot two big thumbs up AND have news about the show’s future.  Find out who’s on the receiving end of some pretty big compliments from Jay Z, and where you’ll be able to see a pretty big collection of Spice Girls... read more

Cynthia Nixon Running for Office!

Cynthia Nixon… Kelly and Sharon have lots of news to connect the 90’s to the NOW! We’ve got word on one of our fave TV stars and her trip back to rehab and another who is honest about his true acting inspiration.  We’ll take the long way around to talking about... read more

A CeCe Peniston & Crystal Waters Collab?

CeCe Peniston and Crystal Waters… We’re back! We took this time to confirm details on a few big stories for a few of our 90’s faves.  Will The Spice Girls perform at the royal wedding in May? Will the song that Kelly and Sharon wrote for Crystal Waters and CeCe... read more

Smashing Pumpkins Heading Out On Tour!

Smashing Pumpkins… We’ve got word on how LeBron James dabbling in film production will take us right back to high-top fades and parents being away with a remake of House Party!!  While the party vibes continued for Ellen’s big birthday bash, there’s not... read more

Janet Jackson is Always Trendy!

Janet Jackson… We’ll tell you about another bit of hope for that Spice Girl non-reunion. And apparently there was a big ol’ football game, so Kelly & Sharon tackle the tough stuff to give you the post-Halftime Show rundown; how there was no sign of Janet... read more

Oprah Knows How To Celebrate!

Oprah Celebrates… How bout them Grammys? Yikes… we’ve got the word on super low ratings and backlash and how P!nk is the right person to push things in the right direction. Update on Nick Cannon’s love for Mariah, but not for socks: both still in check.... read more

Mary J. Blige Going for Oscar Gold!

Mary J. Blige… We’ve got some info on a few hot tours for 2018! Def Leppard & Journey, Elton John’s loooong farewell and how Pearl Jam will give back to Seattle. We’ll talk about the big Oscar news for Mary J. Blige and hear the song that gets our vote for... read more

You’ll Be Missed Dolores O’Riordan…

Dolores O’Riordan… We lost another one of our faves from the 90’s, so we pay tribute to Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. We’ll also talk about how the start date for round two of TV’s Roseanne is fast approaching and go to Betty White for the simple... read more

Roseanne is Coming Back Soon!

Roseanne… Kelly & Sharon are back after a holiday break, and amazed that Kelly made it out of the house after getting Golden Girls Monopoly for Christmas!  We’ve got the word on the return of Roseanne, the importance of following CeCe Peniston on Instagram... read more

All Things Christmas on 90’s NOW!

A Very 90’s Christmas… All kinds of your favourite holiday sounds from your favourite decade!!  TLC, Mary J. Blige, N*SYNC and lots more! We remember some of those that we’re missing this year and keep them close with their music.  Info on what Spice Girl... read more

Lots Happening in the World of 90’s Rock!

90’s Rock… While there’s some anniversary celebrating for some of our favorite 90’s artists, there’s some holiday prepping happening for some others! Green Day win for ‘best greatest hits album name,’ and Kelly & Sharon... read more

Is Noel Gallagher Becoming An Author?

Noel Gallagher… Kelly and Sharon may be considering new roles as Royal watchers after hearing about Prince Harry and his Princess bride-to-be!  If that doesn’t work then they make get a big ol’ tattoo of Sade.  We’ll make sense of that and more... read more

Christina Aguilera Hits the Right Notes!

Christina Aguilera… We are on the low part of the roller coaster ride with those Spice Girls and an update on their non-reunion.  We’ll confirm that Christina Aguilera was the perfect choice for the Whitney Houston tribute at the American Music Awards, and... read more

Bon Jovi Trying To Make It In The Door!

Bon Jovi… Could it be??  The Spice Girls getting back together?!  We’ll tell ya all about it!  We’ll also hear from Mariah Carey, who’s got her Christmas on, Bon Jovi, who, if it were up to the fans, will get in to The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and since no... read more

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity!

Jamiroquai… We’ve got word that the inspiration for U2’s upcoming album came out of Bono’s brush with mortality, how Mark “Don’t Call Me Marky Mark” Wahlberg is hopeful that God has a sense of humour and that Offspring’s... read more

Alanis Has Influence on Willow Smith!

Alanis Morissette… We’ll tell you where you can go to sing along to your favourite song in your car and get a big ol’ ticket. Be careful if you’re singing along during this show! George Michael is topping the charts, Toni Braxton is flashin’ a diamond on her... read more

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