Here Comes 90’s NOW!

We are thrilled to be expanding our network of programming here at The Kelly Alexander Show, please welcome “90’s NOW!” 90’s NOW is a show all about the music, movies, television, pop culture, fashion, and technology of the 1990’s with a twist of what’s happening NOW! The show is hosted by veteran radio announcers, Kelly Alexander and Sharon Hyland.

Kelly is thrilled to team up with her good friend Sharon as they navigate all that is and was the 1990’s. Expect to hear a wide range of 90’s music that encompasses the decade along with a look at film and television and whatever else the 90’s brought to the world. You’ll also get to catch up with beloved artists, actors, and entertainers that were riding the waves of popularity during those ten years. We’ll find out what it was like to live through those days and what they are up to NOW.

So come and join us, and you better buckle up – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!